The Frog Prince is digital collage art created by Christina Cicchelli

Flushing Avenue, 2016

Published on



What makes her

ask for mercy

“Hey sexy”

“Hey baby”

whispers loudly

to drown out

trumpets blaring

from taco trucks

“Psst hey baby”

(nothing’s wrong)

“Slow down!”

she wishes for nothing

she wishes for the wind

her hands can’t stop shaking

when a stranger says “C’mon,

you too good for me?”

when a stranger says

“Bitch” when he won’t stop


she won’t turn around

she pretends

she quickens her

pace onlookers

only stare

sun folds the air

cheap paper fan

she steps into a store

she convinces herself

that she needs milk

sweat ribbons her face

her hands can’t stop shaking