Christina Cicchelli is an eccentric artist and poet in Austin, TX.

Google Image Search. Keywords? A Way Out.

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Too cheap for glossy simulacra

i had only seen in pictures

to settle for sharp pixels that grow

blurry with my desperate, clicky zoom

in an archway I could not step foot through

let alone travel to without a worry of some kind

my fear is frugal

salmon-red walls and cream wainscot

checkered floors, a polished chessboard

the gleam of sunlight explodes through an open door

striping the faces of smooth pillars

striping the waxy palms of potted Zanzibar Gems

i could almost catch the heat on my face

In an archway unaffected by time or place

it could be next door to me

it might be the gateway to a mirrored equator

itself dreamed of and designed through a mess of lines

plates of CMYK bending

if i wanted to believe it,

if this is the place

behind the confines of dreams

i’ll search for it anyway.