Christina Cicchelli is an eccentric artist and poet in Austin, TX.

Heart Has An Exhibition

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Kindler discusses her relationship to the artist.

“It’s hers,” she said. “It’s completely from the

head, a sculpture observed through large, broken


Kindler’s late night dates

had been recorded.

The lover, unnamed, described

Kindler’s pelvic mound as an institutional carpet that

was littered with “love prints” from inscrutable visitors. Later,

Collagne told me that the exhibition was inspired by those dates.

Those sessions lasted through September.

Working with Kindler was unusually sporadic.

The gumption was in concert with the artist’s

documentary material that would

incite her temper, at times. “I’m confident,” she wrote.

“And very unconfident.”

Kindler was in her mid-thirties. She had a

thin face and shoulder-length dark hair parted in the middle.

In her world, time was accordion-like. Those audiocassettes,

which captured Kindler’s imagination, crunched

underfoot, as the artist intended. We enter a room where

light hit Hessler’s face while he uncovers the history of Kindler’s career.

He decided it could serve as the conventional introduction to the artist’s

unconventional legacy.

Hessler co-curated “The Room Represents My Permit.”

There was a long delay due to renovations.

But Kindler was uninterrupted.